Another trick in the fall
Arnaud Arini, Stessie Audras, Quentin Blomet, Luca Bonanno, Camille Breteau, Julien Carpentier, Louise Mervelet, Sarah Netter, Simon Nicolas

The Lonely Life Lover’s club is coming to haunt Belsunce Projects on the occasion of Jack O’Lantern’s annual apparition, on the night of the 31st of October. 

Ghostly coming back from a long voyage through the limbs to play yet another trick on the Devil, Jack’O Lantern was seduced by the decadent humour and derivative spirit of the LLLCLUB, thus decided to join forces with them, and play yet another trick on you. 

The 31st of October, when night falls, a selection of works chosen by Jack will appear at Belsunce Projects, he will come to them in light. At the end of the evening, Jack will return to his endless ramblings, leaving the remains of what was dug out, an icing sight that will be displayed for a few days only, before it all disappears in his shadowy wake.

Performance on 31.10, 3.11 and 4.11.2018

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