Aleksander Hardashnakov, Christian Herzig, Damaris Kerkhoff, Tammo Lühnemann, Philip Poppek, Alex Rathbone, Marco Spoerle, Cosima zu Knyphausen

Hey there everybody,


We finalised our idea/proposal for the show of Real Positive at Belsunce Projects.


We would like to curate a show about privacy. Formally we would like to show drawings, watercolors and writing. Baiscally in the form of letters.


We think that paper works and drawing can be genuinelly direct and are often expressing a sense of immediacy. A potential that we want to investigate in with this show. Furthermore we´re interested in some kind of didactic transparency. By giving the artist the chance to directly answer to our invitation via a letter.


These paper works will be accompanied by a series of skulptural works of Marco Spörlle. These works are hung on a wall and quote classic letter boxes.


Adding to this we want to show a painting of an interieur to complete the ensemble.


The artist we want to invite for the show will be 

Damaris Kerkhoff

Philipp Poppek

Alexander Hardashankov

Cosima von Knyphausen

Tammo Lühnemann

Marco Spoerle


We hope that´s fine for everybody and you´re interested in that kind of approach?


For our next steps, we have two more questions:


Could we send the artworks, meaning basically these letters directly to Belsunce Project? And if so whats the address? Or to what address can send it ? We’d like to show the envelop maybe, with written Belsunce Project, so if it goes to Basile could you put a Belsunce Project sign on your letter box ? Second, could we do an invoice for the production costs we aggreed on (600 euros) – to be able to pay for the shipement of the sculptures, our ticktes, airbnb and so on ?



Regards to everybody,

Robert and Fabian

Opening August 30th, 2018 / 19h Open Friday – Sunday 15h – 19h

Curated by Real Positive (Robert Brambora & Fabian Kuntzsch)

Documentation pictures by Aurélien Meimaris