In Bloom
Won Jin Choi, François-Xavier Courrèges, Jules Dumoulin, Basile Ghosn, Hypercomf, Roxanne Maillet, Wobbe Micha, Shota Nakamura, Georgia René-Worms, Katharina Schmidt

Spring is here again 

Reproductive glands


The songs comes to our head while we roam the streets, raising our heads towards the rectilinear building façades as they blur. 

For its third exhibition, Belsunce Projects exhibits artists from various horizons to build a story. At this precise moment, confusion infuses the real, a rêverie spreads through anarchic networks, and all  becomes fluid. 

Scientific explanations on screens exhorting us to go far away, how?

Are we really out of our teenage rooms, where pictures of imaginary friends are pinned on the “walls”?

Can we create a dream space anywhere ? Setting up camp under the sunset ?

Continue to move further, in our thoughts, towards artificial natures.

Walk for causes down avenues while reading the  subtitles, think about that fomented evasion plan in the shadow of a building. 


Tender age in bloom. BP

Exhibition from 12.05 until 25.05 2018

Documentation pictures : Lia Calleri